Looking to inject a little humor into your day at the office? Need to add a little energy to your next staff meeting? Office Antics brings you 16 sounds especially chosen for the corporate environment.

Forward Back


Did the boss deliver some bad news? Pick up the mood by reflecting what everyone is thinking with this sad trombone effect.


You know that awkward silence that comes up in every meeting or teleconference... now you have something to fill it with.

Cat Fight

One of your teammates getting a little aggressive? Let them know it...


We know... your supervisor's jokes aren't funny. Add a little rim shot after the next one to show your sarcasm... err... support.


Doing more with less... who isn't? Let management know when employment turns to slavery.


Did you co-worker just nail their presentation? Show your support. Works real well on a conference call.


Is the corner office paying peanuts... well tell them what that buys...


Is your office mate's project going down in flames... honor its death with a military salute.


Did your manager just inspire you to take the hill? Yeah probably not... well this sound effect will just have to be used for the chair races down the hallway.


4PM and alls quiet in the cube farm... let the other animals hear the screaming that's going on in your head.


Is your director droning on and on about the latest workplace safety policy... let him know he's lost your attention.


We'll just let you use your imagination for this one...


Another great effect for your boss' jokes. We know they're not funny, but let's just appease him.

Drum Roll

Manager got big news? Help her build the anticipation...


Stuck in the elevator with 10 other folks? Let the herd know there might be one too many hooves on board.


Did Bill just back down from taking a stand? Let him know you support his decision!

I use this app daily and it gets a chuckle 98% of the time. The other 2% is from a few times when I tried it with pets.


I had the whole place in stiches. Great for morale and yes even productivity!!!


Great fun and always invokes laughs! Definately worth the price!

-Ed and Dawn

Makes any meeting more enjoyable. Also hilarious in the lunch room.

Only $.99, now and forever.